Chuck Bottle Opener


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Created using innovative craftsmanship, technology and sustainable materials. Our Chuck bottle opener is 3D printed and combines form and function into a multipurpose design - perfect for keyrings, backpacks, the kitchen, shower, back porch, and anywhere else a twist-off is inappropriate.

• Sold Individually
• 3D Printed Stainless Steel / Bronze Alloy
• ~1-1/2" Diameter 
• >1/8" Thick
• Printed On Demand - Reducing Waste
• Made in America

Choice of Finish: 

* Manufacturing marks and variations will occur with 3D Printing

To install the knob, pull or handle; insert the #8-32 machine screw into the hole on the back of the cabinet door or drawer front. Screw into the brass base and tighten just past "finger-tight". Do not over tighten, as it may damage the panel. The included screws will fit panels with with standard 3/4" thickness; other lengths are available at any hardware store.

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