Concrete Project's Lounge Chair

Lamborn Studio's first designs were actually concrete, Kast Concrete Knobs; so, today we're taking a look at one of my favorite concrete studios: Concrete Project.

Concrete Project's Rectangular Concrete Trays

Billy Losleben heads up the studio with an obvious mastery of the misunderstood material. I came across Billy's work a little over four years ago on Etsy; he was dabbling in many of the same concrete crafts as myself: planters, trays, bowls, and the like. His designs were clean and his finishes flawless. I doubted my own craftsmanship could ever hold up to Billy's concrete wizardry. 

And then, Billy completely broke the mold.

Concrete Project's Concrete Lounge Chair

For the last couple years, he has been experimenting and innovating with concrete in ways most can't comprehend, and the results are mind-blowing. Concrete Project's Lounge Chair is absolutely iconic, and I have no doubt that Billy's recent work will land him a seat in design history.

Concrete Project's Concrete Lounge Chair

Concrete Project's Concrete Lounge Chair

 You can find more about Concrete Project on his website, and shop at his Etsy store.

Concrete Chair

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